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International Corporation ôSolomon-Groupö works on the Consulting Service market since 1995 year. During this time we got the status of highly professional company which effectively solves different questions arising in the business practice in Ukraine and abroad.
About company
źSolomon-group╗ Corporation works in the Ukrainian market of the consulting services since 1995. During this time the corporation won the reputation and fixed it as the professional consulting company that solves different questions effectively that arises in conducting business in Ukraine. The recommendations of our clients confirm it and they are leading banks and companies of Ukraine. Our reputation confirms also the ratings given to źSolomon-group╗ company by the leading ratings agencies of Ukraine. The corporation offers the wide spectrum of services for the effective business conducting. The offered services are marketing research, business planning, real estate, land and ready business sale, complete complex of legal services; independent estimation (appraisal) of property, business and property rights.

Besides, International Corporation źSolomon-group╗ provides services in business plans development, business-process analyses that is present inside of a company, plans its activity, developing its development conception in future.
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