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Business planning, marketing research and project management


      Business Planning is a universal tool for both future forecasting and effective management. If you have made a solution to enter a new market; expand and modernizing production; create a new enterprise; open a credit line or get access for external financing - refer to the “Solomon-Consulting” Company!

      The “Solomon-Consulting” Company, which is part of the “Solomon Group” Corporation, provides the services in the following areas:

-          Business planning;

-          Marketing research;

-          Project management.

      The company’s goalis to provide effective consulting services for clients.

      The advantages of the companyare integrated approach to resolving matters, a large portfolio of successfully completed projects in various fields of economy, availability of reliable sources of information.

     Our technologies of business modeling, business planning and investment planning are based on the classical approach to planning and evaluating the effectiveness of cash flows, published and recommended by organizations such as the World Bank, UNIDO, the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine, and also it should be noted that “Solomon Group” company is recommended by the national bank of Ukraine as a consulting firms, that has experience in working with projects of international financial organizations.

      There is a complete set of effective methodologies for working on industrial and customer markets in the arsenal of the company, as well as all necessary resources for resolving the problems of our clients.

      The “Solomon-Consulting” Company provides the following services:

1)    Business planning and project management:

-          The business plan, feasibility study and / or effective investment offers;

-          Investment Audit;

-          Business modeling;

-          Management consulting;

-          Information technology in the modeling business.

2)    Marketing Research:

-          Market segmentation and goods / services positioning;

-          Setting prices for goods and services;

-          Finding ways to increase volumes of sales;

-          Investing motivations and consumer’s behavior;

-          SWOT-analysis of the enterprise and market;

-          Forecasting market development.

      The specialists of the “Solomon-Consulting” Company have gained broad experience in drawing up business plans for enterprises which want to attract both micro-credit and long-term credits from EBRD, the World Bank, IMF and the Ukrainian banks.

      The “Solomon-Consulting” Company helps its clients to develop a comprehensive efficient marketing strategy, that will allow to efficiently distribute the economic potential for achieving new heights in business!

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