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      The “Solomon-Invest” Company specializes in purchase and sale of business, of mergers and acquisitions(M&A) transactions support in machine-building, metallurgy, food production, agriculture, media, chemical, textile and other sectors of the economy in Ukraine and abroad.

      Realizing the complexity of such operations, we offer our customers integrated solutions for the sale of businesses. M&A transactions due to close cooperation of specialists throughout the corporation in the field of auditing, law, appraisal, marketing and finance.

      The goals of the “Solomon-Invest”Company are to protect the client’s interests and to provide confidentiality of purchase and sale of businesses transactions.

      Our competitive advantages:

- complexity and consistency;

- ten years of experience of the company covers more than 300 transactions in purchase and sale of businesses, with the participation of over 800 owners around the world;

- extensive customer base with more than 3300 clients;

- a deep understanding of global and knowledge of local markets.

      The service portfolio of the “Solomon Invest” Company includes:

•      Pre-sales preparations, including business valuation and elaborating the model for its development;

•      Effective search for sellers and purchasers;

•      Audit of enterprises and analysis of their financial and economic activity;

•      Expertise of value correspondence of the company being sold to the market condition and similar offers;

•      elaborating optimal financial scheme for sale and purchase;

•      providing financial and legal security of bargains;

•      representing interests of parties during negotiations with sellers / purchasers of companies;

•      secure receipt of corporate rights of the business being purchased;

•      consulting regarding sale\purchase of companies;

•      sending out up-to-date offers for sale / purchase of business by our own client data base of our company all over the world.

      Quality Guarantees.

      The professional experience of the “Solomon-Invest” Company in the field of purchase and sale of businesses and M&A, expert knowledge of the specialists of the “Solomon-group” Corporation, a permanent control over the process of the transaction guarantee the high quality support of the business transactions.

      The “Solomon-Invest” Company is a member of the Association Business Brokers of Russia.

      The “Solomon-Invest” Company regularly informs its clients about trends on markets, about investment attractive objects.

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